Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hi again

Sorry for the lack of posts, I had trouble with my PC. Anyway I have recently got into a game called Minecraft (Minecraft) which is essentially lego on youre PC. It is a sandbox game which allows you to build structures out of what you dig or mine. It's highly addictive and well worth the 10 pounds it cost me.  I finished Tony Blairs autobiography. It is a good read as it revealed some of the inner workings of New Labour, something I have always been interested in. Next time ill do a longer update but im busy atm.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Not much to report

Yes, I have done pretty much nothing today. I noticed Tony Blairs autobiography in Sainsburys and will probably end up buying it as im a big fan of his. Also read an interesting article in the times where Stephan Hawkins has said God isnt needed to create the universe. Not a new theory but now a leading physicist has come out and said it hopefully it will become more accepted.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Inception and other goings on

Hello all, a few days ago I saw the movie inception. It really was one of the best films ive seen this decade, seriously. The plot was superb and well written, with a nice amount of twists to keep you entertained but not too many as to confuse you. The acting also was top notch with Leonardo diCaprio capturing his characters motives and feelings in a convincing way. The effects used in the movie were top quality and blended in with the sets and made the transition from real world to dream world easy to accept. The music in the film was also well produced and timed with the action scenes perfectly. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys surreal films or science fiction. You need to concentrate on the plot of the film though, or you will loose track of the events.
     I started reading Richard Dawkins book, the god delusion today. He has made some very interesting points on the likelihood of gods existence and is worth looking at for any Atheist or Agnostic. Actually its worth a read if you have any interest in religion at all as he puts forward a very convincing argument.
   I went to the royal armouries in the center of Leeds yesterday and saw some very nice pieces of plate armour in good condition.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Well, as this is my first post on my blog I suppose it would be good if I introduced myself. I am 20 years old, live in Leeds in the North of England. I spend most of my day either reading books, playing video games or watching movies, unless i'm out with friends or studying (which wont be interesting to you so I wont write about it). My favourite author at the moment is Bernard Cornwell but im working my way through the works of Ernest Hemingway and i'm particularly enjoying 'for whom the bell tolls' which I would recommend to anyone who has an interest in the spanish civil war. Also I recently re-read the Adrian mole series by Sue Townsend which is an interesting book as I found it humorous but at the same time I felt a connection with him which is odd, as he is fictional.
     As I mentioned I also enjoy playing video games. I have always been a fan of the total war games but recently I have had a renewed interest as I discovered a lord of the rings modification for medieval 2:total war which is supprisingly accurate and well made. Ill add a link at the bottom for people to look at. The games produced by paradox interactive are usually high quality and worth a look if you're into grand strategy.
      Politicaly I am a labour supporter and would describe myself as centre left for anyone who is interested.  

       In later posts ill go into more detail about my life but I hope this gives you a good impression of what I am and what I do.

The mod i talked about.